Green Policy

At Hill Farm, we want guests to unwind, relax and recharge by enjoying their surroundings and engage with yourself, friends and family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  We want our guests to be able to return from their stay with us relaxed and recharged with perhaps more appreciation for the beautiful place in which we live and the need to keep it that way!

Below are our commitments to improving and protecting the environment.


Reducing carbon emissions

  • Our 80 solar panels mounted on the barn roof generates enough electricity meets the requirements of our 4 wigwams and the low level LED path lighting 
  • We use a company providing locally sourced and sustainable firewood, kindling and eco friendly firelighters.  
  • The lights on the path and check in area are on a timer and switch off automatically.
  • A groundsource heat pump provides heating to our house.


Reducing waste, reusing where possible

  • Reduce packaging waste, we buy our eco friendly cleaning materials in bulk
  • We recycle all cardboard, plastic, tin, glass and paper


Reducing the need for transport 

  • Guests leave their cars in the main car park in the farm yard and walk down to the wigwams to minimise noise levels and pollutions in the orchard.  
  • Hill Farm and Orchard is set in a rural location, however access via public transport is possible:
    • Train to Cheddington (2.5 miles) /Leighton Buzzard station (5 miles)
    • Bus (no. 164) to Slapton from Leighton Buzzard High St
    • Cycle/Walk along the Grand Union Canal towpath from Leighton Buzzard train station 
    • We provide a comprehensive list of information in all wigwams on public transport including numbers for local taxis/mini buses to keep car usage to a minimum especially in larger groups
    • We provide information on hiring bicycles locally
    • Nearly all our provisions are bought locally, reducing the need to transport goods to Hill Farm


Sustainable materials

  • At Hill Farm we are committed to using local and eco friendly materials.  We use Ecover products for cleaning and purchase in bulk from Ecover.  
  • Our coffee is sourced from ethical suppliers and we encourage guests to recycle coffee pods
  • Many of our homewares are sourced from ethical and green companies such as Garden Trading and Quickcrop


Supporting the local economy

  • Every member of the Hill Farm team is local and we value them 
  • We encourage guests to see the local area, visit local shops, eat in our local cafes/pubs restaurants 
  • Guests chocolates are sourced from Creightons Chocolaterie, Leighton Buzzard
  • We encourage guests to buy from local farm shops or eat in our local pubs and restaurants 


Sustainable water

  • We offer showers rather than baths
  • Sewerage is dealt with by our own efficient and environmentally safe septic tank and soak away system


Land use and Wildlife

  • We take care of our orchard and the 300 acres of farm land  
  • We have canalside walks and nature trails for guests to enjoy
  • We sew bulbs in the orchard and up the farm track, we have planted 6 new apple trees in the orchard and aim to continue planting more in the future 
  • We are very fortunate to have be home to a large array of wildlife and farmlife. We encourage guests to respect and help us nurture the environment in which they thrive.  The orchard is home to two little owls which can often be heard at dusk.  
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