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We are proud to be home to one of the oldest flocks of Wiltshire Horn sheep in the country.  The Wiltshire Horn is a very old native breed and up until the end of the eighteenth century was the predominant breed to be found on the Wiltshire Downs. The breed was saved from extinction and is under the protection of the Rare Breed Survival Trust.  The Wiltshire Horn produces fabulously full flavoured meat and lambs have the ability to grow to heavy weights without putting on excess fat.  

We are now taking orders for boxes of fresh lamb ready for the oven or freezer.  Our lambs grow slowly and naturally by grazing the fields surrounding Slapton, reaching maturity in the summer. 


A whole lamb should fit comfortably into most household freezers and provides excellent value for the finest rare breed lamb.  The lamb box comes butchered, as the following free-range, grass fed cuts of meat:

Half Lamb Box £85

Whole Lamb Box £160

1 x Shoulder of Lamb on the bone

2 x Shoulders of Lamb on the bone



1x Leg of Lamb on the bone

2x Legs of Lamb on the bone

1 x packs of mince

2x packs of mince

1x Lamb’s heart, liver, kidneys (optional)

1x Lamb’s heart, liver, kidneys (optional)


Our lamb is seasonal and is only available in summer months.  Please send us an email if you wish to be notified when the lambs become available.  

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